Lady Gaga's Twitter Account Hacked

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Hackers recently accessed pop star Lady Gaga's Twitter account and posted a link promising free iPad 2s for all followers.

"Telling her followers that this generous gift was being offered 'in the spirit of the holidays,' users were directed to click on a link in the tweet, which took them to a less-than-reputable website that demanded various personal details, asked users to sign up for several special offers, and then told them to tell their friends to join in on the action, in order to qualify for the 'free' product," writes Neowin.net's Andy Weir.

"TechCrunch also reports that another similar tweet had briefly preceded that one, promising free MacBook computers to everyone, but it was quickly pulled," Weir writes. "At least one further identical tweet appeared, before Lady G later tweeted herself to confirm that the account had indeed been hacked, but that order has since been restored."

Go to "Lady Gaga Twitter account hacked, promises free iPads for everyone" to read the details.

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