Israeli Hacker Answers OpIsrael with Attack on Palestinian ISP

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Israeli hacker Yourikan has answered Anonymous' launch of OpIsrael with an attack on Palestinian ISP Palnet.

"The hacker has published a document containing the names, credit card numbers, expiry dates, and Visa UIDs of several hundred individuals," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "The information has been allegedly stolen from the databases of Palnet."

"The leak file is a compressed 132kb file that contains a bunch of XML files from the database extraction," Cyber War News reports.

In a statement on Pastebin, Yourikan wrote, "this is in react for the latest attacks on israel ... let israel win ! stop the terror !"

In August of this year, Yourikan launched a widespread attack that targeted several Iranian Web sites, including government and university sites. At the time, he told Infosec Island, "i hacked the irnian sites in order to tell a message to the world and to the citizens of iran... israel will not tolerate terror, israel will not acept nuclear iran."