Irish Anti-Abortion Group Hacked


The Irish Times reports that the Web site of the Irish anti-abortion organization Youth Defense was recently hacked and defaced (h/t E Hacking News).

The hackers replaced the site's home page with a statement reading, "This is not the hate-filled truth-distorting website you're looking for. Note: We the Irish do not appreciate US organizations pouring money into shady groups here to try to change our rules and society for their own gains. Youth Defense has been the seed of more hatred here that [sic] any group in a long time. It has to stop. Youth Defense is not what you think it is. Youth Defense is an extremist group who actively hide their links to shady right-wing connections and where their funding comes from."

According to the Irish Times, the hackers also published several links to a list of subscribers to the organization's newsletter, though those links were later removed and replaced with a statement reading, "Users list deleted. Sorry, didn't think about the privacy concerns. Everybody is allowed their own views."

In response, Youth Defense spokesperson Clare Molloy told the Irish Times, "Aside from being illegal and utterly pointless, the actions taken by the person or persons who did this have breached the privacy of people on both sides of the debate."