INTERPOL Arrests 25 Suspected Anonymous Hackers

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INTERPOL recently announced the arrests of 25 people accused of being part of Anonymous.

"The so-called 'Operation Unmask,' carried out by Interpol’s Latin American Working Group of Experts on Information Technology (IT) Crime, began in mid-February in response to a number of online attacks originating from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Spain," writes Threatpost's Brian Donohue.

"In carrying out the operation, the international law enforcement agency executed more than 40 searches across 15 cities," Donohue writes. "They seized some 250 devices and mobile phones as well as payment cards and cash. Those arrested range in age from 17 to 40."

Go to "UPDATE: Interpol Operation Leads to Arrest of 25 Suspected Anons" to read the details.

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