International Police Association Hacked

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The Web site for the International Police Association was recently hacked and defaced by members of Anonymous.

"As of 10 a.m. Saturday ... many parts of the site were replaced with a 'group photo' of headless people symbolizing Anonymous, with the message 'United as One, Divided by Zero,'" GMA News Online reports.

"It appears that Anonymous targeted the IPA for this hack because they saw a glaring weakness in the website's security and not in order to expose the international organization for any illegal or immoral activity," writes International Business Times' Jacob Kleinman. "A message posted at the top of the page reads, 'oHai [hello]... International Police Association (International Admin Center) you will see we haz [had] some #LULZ at your expense maybe you will fix your security issues and of course... we always recommend you NOT store admin passwords in PLAINTEXT For a site like International Police Association... w3 [we] really expected moar [more]... #LULZ the thin...'

"The International Police Association is the largest organization for police officers in the world, according to Wikipedia, and is not connected to Interpol," The Hacker News reports. "The IPA was founded by English police sergeant Arthur Troop in January 1950 under the model 'Service Through Friendship' with the goal of creating friendly links to encourage cooperation between police officers across the world. The organization currently has around 400,000 members in 64 countries. Its main offices are based in Nottingham, England."