Hackers Steal Thousands of Medicaid Records

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The Utah Department of Health has acknowledged that hackers recently accessed information from at least 24,000 Utah patients' Medicaid claims.

"Officials initially said Wednesday that about 24,000 claims had been compromised," writes The Salt Lake Tribune's Patty Henetz. "But by late afternoon, state officials said the breach likely included claims for far more patients."

"Although it has not yet confirmed what information was compromised, the health department acknowledges that claims typically include client names, addresses, birth dates, Social Security numbers, physician's names, national provider identifiers, tax identification numbers and procedure codes designed for billing purposes," writes GovInfoSecurity's Jeffrey Roman.

According to V3.co.uk's Alastair Stevenson, authorities believe the hackers were from Eastern Europe. "Suspicion fell on Eastern Europe after members of the state's Technology Services department traced a number of suspicious IP addresses to a number of countries in the region," he writes.

"The attackers compromised the server on Friday and began downloading information Sunday night," writes SC Magazine 's Dan Kaplan. "The breach was discovered the following day, and the server has since been taken offline."

"[The Utah Department of Technology Services] is conducting an investigation to identify individual Medicaid clients and providers whose protected information may have been accessed," the Utah Department of Health said in a statement. "It is UDOH's priority at this time to notify and assist those individuals. In the meantime, the UDOH is advising all Medicaid clients to monitor their credit and to keep a close eye on their bank accounts."