Hackers Steal $400,000 from City of Burlington, Wash.

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More than $400,000 was recently stolen from a bank account belonging to the city government of Burlington, Wash.

"Burlington’s finance department reported the theft Thursday, saying the money had been electronically transferred to various personal and business accounts throughout the United States during a two-day period, Burlington Police announced in a statement," writes The Skagit Valley Herald's Lynsi Burton.

"City employees participating in the city's direct electronic payroll deposit program have been notified that their account information has been compromised," KOMO News reports. "Employees are encouraged to contact their banks to flag or close the accounts associated with the electronic payroll deposit, and to notify appropriate credit reporting agencies that they may be victims of identity theft."

"Not only were city workers affected, around 200 homeowners on the Burlington sewer system had to change their information as well," KGW.com reports.

"It has come to the City's attention that the City's Utility Billing Automatic Withdrawal information (for sewer and storm drain charges) has been compromised," the city stated in an alert on its Web site. "If you are enrolled in Autopay, you should assume that your name, bank, bank account number and routing number have been compromised. "

"Authorities say the transfers took place between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning," The Spokane Spokesman-Review reports. "The hacked Bank of America account has been frozen now. Police and the Secret Service are investigating."