Hackers Steal $40,000 from Vancouver Island Church

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The Nanaimo Daily News reports that hackers recently stole $40,000 from the online bank account of a church on Vancouver Island.

"40,000 dollars was taken from Ladysmith First United Church over the holiday season and it was all done by the click of a computer's mouse," writes CTV Vancouver Island's Scott Cunningham. "[The Royal Canadian Mounted Police] say over a 10 day period in late December, six withdrawals from the church’s online account racked up thousands of dollars in losses. Credit Union staff say the Internet hacker gained access to a church employee’s home computer, found vital passwords and went to work."

"Representatives of the church became suspicious over Christmas, and reported the disappearance of funds Dec. 27," writes The Nanaimo Daily News' Darrell Bellaart. "More money went missing after that, and police are working to trace the online footprint of those responsible."

"Somehow their account at one of the local financial institutions was compromised through the Internet," Cpl. Tim Desaulniers of the Royal Candian Mounted Police told Bellaart. "It's very preliminary right now. It looks like it originated down East."

"So far, the crime is considered an isolated incident," Bellaart writes.