Hackers Join Fight Over Sabah

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GMA News reports that a territorial dispute over Sabah has gone online, with dozens of Philippine and Malaysian Web sites hacked as part of the conflict.

Members of the "MALAYSIA Cyb3r 4rmy" have defaced several Philippine sites, including the online shop of the Philippine mobile services provider Globe Telecom, warning, "Do not invade our country or you will suffer the consequences."

In response, hackers identifying themselves as Anonymous Philippines have defaced several Malaysian Web sites, warning, "Stop attacking our cyber space! Or else we will attack your cyber world!'

"However, a lengthy statement uploaded to Pastebin by 'TheAnonCause' seemed to indicate that the hacktivist group had not yet taken official sides on the dispute and asked members to send over documents to prove their territorial claims," writes The Register's Phil Muncaster.

"As far as we are concerned, Anonymous has nowhere to side yet over this concern," TheAnonCause's Pastebin post states. "For we still lack information about the nature of the claim. So we are asking from the Philippines, if our brothers have copies of documented basis on the claims by the respected Sultan. We also ask our brothers from Malaysia do produce similar information as well."

"The territorial dispute started on February 11, 2013 when followers of Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram III asserted his claim over eastern parts of Sabah," writes ZDNet's Ellyne Phneah. "The claims take root from the North Borneo dispute, when Sabah state was known as North Borneo prior to the formation of the Malaysian federation in 1963. The conflict has since escalated into a shootout between Filipinos and Malaysian security forces resulting in at least a dozen deaths on Friday March 1, 2013."

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