Hackers Breach Phishing Site by Mistake

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Cambridge University researcher Richard Clayton reports that members of the AnonGhost hacker group recently claimed to have breached and defaced the Web site for the U.K.'s Yorkshire Bank -- but they got the wrong site (h/t Softpedia).

The defaced site proudly claims "Hacked by AnonGhost ... We are watching you. 'Don't close your eyes.'"

The problem is, the site in question isn't the actual Yorkshire Bank Web site -- it's a phishing site registered to James Edward of Puchong, Malaysia.

"I have no reason to believe that anything good would happen to a Yorkshire Bank user (or a Yorkshire Building Society) user who used their credentials at the Malaysian owned Web site … so it’s rather hard to say whether having it defaced is detrimental to anyone living within a few hundred miles of Leeds," Clayton writes.

As Clayton notes, it's often a challenge for banks to uncover phishing sites that are designed to impersonate their official home pages.

"In this case, fortunately for Yorkshire Bank, AnonGhost is helping them out," he writes.