Hacker St0rmyw0rm Hits Compound Semiconductor, Parametric Technology

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Hacker st0rmyw0rm, who recently published user credentials from UK chat site Lookitsme, recently breached both Compound Semiconductor and Parametric Technology Corporation (h/t Cyber War News).

According to Cyber War News, st0rmyw0rm leaked 1,753 unique user names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords from Parametric Technology, and 4,602 unique user names, e-mail addresses and clear text passwords from Compound Semiconductor.

The data from Parametric Technology was posted to Pastebin and has since been removed, but the data from Compound Semiconductor is still available at AnonPaste.me.

While no reason was given for the attack on Parametric Technology, the data dump for Compound Semiconductor was preceded by the statement "#FreeAssange."