Hacker Reckz0r Claims to Have Breached 79 Banks

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Hacker Reckz0r, who recently claimed to have breached 79 banks' networks, has published a link on Pastebin to a downloadable file containing customer data from more than 1,700 accounts.

"From the data included in the data dump: customer names, the debit or credit card type -- Visa or Mastercard -- along with postal addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are all included," writes ZDNet's Zack Whittaker. "'Grey-hat' hacker Reckz0r -- who oddly enough also goes by the name 'Jeremy' -- said on Twitter that he had targeted 79 banks for around three months."

"Credit card numbers were withheld from the data dump and the full collection of information hasn’t been released simply because there is too much of it," writes TechSpot's Shawn Knight. "Reckz0r noted that the full data dump containing Mastercard and VISA accounts is around 50GB or larger."

"Chris Monteiro, a spokesman for MasterCard, said security was a top priority for the company and that it had reviewed the claim," writes The Los Angeles Times' Salvador Rodriguez. "The company pointed out that no payment information was included."

"A payment card industry source, who did not want to be identified by name, said the data may have been copied from another website that released it more than two weeks ago, and the details appeared to be 'old,'" writes Computerworld's Jeremy Kirk. "'We see people try to dump stuff all the time and claim that it is real,' the source said."

"The data dump comes less than a week after the hacker claimed to be retiring to become a Whitehat hacker," writes CNET News' Elinor Mills. "In a separate Pastebin post from last Tuesday, the hacker claimed to be to retiring from hacking for fun and will use 'intelligence for good' instead."