Hacker Fined $8,000 for Government Cyber Attack

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The Straits Times reports that Delson Moo Hiang Kng, 43, was recently fined $8,000 for hacking into the website of the Istana, the offiical residence of the president of Singapore.

Moo, who pled guilty to one of three charges of unauthorized access to the website's server, is the first person to be convicted of carrying out a cyber attack on a Singapore government website.

Starting at 12:34am on November 8, 2013, Moo leveraged an XSS vulnerability to place an image on the website of an old woman pointing her middle finger at the camera.

Moo's lawyer, Anil Balchandani, asked for leniency, saying his client was remorseful, and had launched the attack in a moment of folly and with a "sense of adventurism."

District Judge Liew Thiam Leng said he didn't impose a prison sentence because no data on the server was stolen or damaged.