Hacker Diabl0 Arrested in Bangkok


The Bangkok Post reports that Russian hacker Farid Essebar, 27, a.k.a "Diabl0," was recently arrested in Bangkok by officials from Thailand's Department of Special Investigation, Immigration Bureau and Office of the Attorney General, following a two-year joint Thai-Swiss operation (h/t The The Register).

Swiss police apparently alerted Thai authorities after they received information indicating that Essebar had come to Thailand. Thai authorities then tracked Essebar for two years prior to the arrest.

Essebar and three accomplices apparently spent the past few years traveling back and forth between Thailand and neighboring countries. They spent money in tourist destinations in Thailand but never gambled or bought any assets in the country.

''We arrested the suspect at a condominium on Rama IV Road,'' Pol Col Songsak Raksaksakul, chief of the International Cases and International Crime Division, told the Post. "Next Thailand will send him to Switzerland within 90 days in accordance with the extradition agreement."

Essebar is accused of breaching bank computer systems and Web sites in Switzerland, causing more than $4 billion in damages to customers in Europe in 2011.