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Hacker Darwinare Claims Breach of Amazon UK

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A hacker calling himself Darwinare recently claimed to have breached the Web site for Amazon UK.

"To demonstrate the fact that he hacked the website, the hacker published the details of over 600 users, including names, usernames, passwords (some of which [are] in clear text), email addresses, physical addresses, and registration dates," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "'Amazon, I have no personal grudge against you. I just found a opening and exploited it. So don't worry, others will get the same to,' the hacker wrote on Twitter."

"The details appear to be valid, going by a random sample checked out by ZDNet," writes ZDNet's Karen Friar. "However, not all were able to confirm that the data is linked to an Amazon UK account, saying the information is old. The retailer said on Sunday that there had been no security breach at the company. 'There has been no compromise of Amazon's systems, and this is not information from our database,' a spokesman for the company said via email."

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