Hacker Claims Breach of Chinese Military Contractor

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A hacker calling himself Hardcore Charlie claims to have breached a Chinese defense contractor, and has published information online on both Pastebin and Photobucket.

"In an email conversation with Reuters, Charlie reportedly described himself as a 40-year-old Hispanic man who lives near the US," writes The Register's Phil Muncaster. "He was a friend of LulzSec informant Sabu and managed to hack the CEIEC, or China National Import & Export Corp, by cracking key email passwords."

"He posted documents ranging from purported U.S. military transport information to internal reports about business matters on several file-sharing sites, but the authenticity of the documents could not be independently confirmed," writes Reuters' Joseph Menn.

"Hardcore Charlie has published a 2.2 gigabyte archive that is only the first part of the information he claims to have obtained as a result of the hack on CEIEC," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "While the legitimacy of these documents can be questioned, it’s clear that hacktivists have focused their attention on China this week, defacing more than 400 websites that belong to the country’s government."

Still, in a notice posted on its Web site, the CEIEC denied that any breach had taken place, stating, "The information reported is totally groundless, highly subjective and defamatory."