Hacker Ag3nt47 Hits Monsanto, Peugeot

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Hacker Ag3nt47 recently breached the UK Web site for Monsanto and the Canadian Web site for Peugeot (h/t Cyber War News).

The Monsanto hack was announced on Twitter, and followed soon after with the statement, "Monsanto is not good, they harm people. That's all I have to say about them. I'm not Anonymous or any other group. I am one guy,Ag3nt47."

From Monsanto, the hacker published site information, along with several articles and author contact information.

The Peugeot hack was also announced on Twitter, with leaked information including 15 user names and clear text passwords, as well as several dozen names, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses of registered users.

Earlier this month, Ag3nt47 published data from MIT, Stanford and Harvard.

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