Guild Wars 2 Accounts Hacked

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Hackers appear to have breached several user accounts for ArenaNet's new online game Guild Wars 2.

"Reports of account hacking in the final version of Guild Wars 2 came to light over the weekend after a number of players took to various online forums to report concerns that their account appeared to have been compromised," writes VideoGamer.com's David Scammell. "Some noted that in-game items had gone missing, while others reported that they had been locked out of the game altogether."

"An increasing number of players are reporting receiving email notifications for a password change request made on their account that wasn't done by them. ... NCSoft is aware, and has issued a warning urging players to ignore the emails," writes ComputerAndVideoGames.com's Mike Jackson. "'If you have been emailed regarding a reset request for your password, but you haven't requested it, as always please be ever vigilant when it comes to emails sent to you in regard to your game account,' said NCSoft in a statement."

On Reddit, ArenaNet wrote, "We're seeing an uptick in reports of account theft and attempted account theft. We believe hackers are using databases of email addresses and passwords stolen from other games and web sites, and pre-existing trojan horses, to search for matching Guild Wars 2 accounts which they attempt to compromise. To prevent this, we have temporarily disabled the 'reset password' feature, and we're working to bring email authentication online."