GlobalPost Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

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The Web site and Twitter feed for U.S.-based international news site GlobalPost were both recently breached and defaced by members of the Syrian Electronic Army (h/t HackRead).

The hackers also published a screenshot of GlobalPost's admin control panel.

In an announcement on their own site, the hackers explained, "Global Post website and Twitter account was hacked by Syrian Electronic Army today. And that was because that website published innocent people names as SEA members."

On September 3, 2013, GlobalPost had published a report on a data dump by members of Anonymous that claimed to identify the e-mail addresses, user names and passwords of the Syrian Electronic Army's leaders.

On the GlobalPost Web site, the hackers wrote, "Think twice before you publish untrusted informations about Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). This time we shutdown your website and take down your Twitter account, the next time you start searching for new job :)"

In a report detailing the attack, GlobalPost stated, "We have since regained control of our Twitter account, and will keep you posted on developments. We'll also, of course, continue to cover every aspect of the ongoing Syrian war -- wherever it may lead."