Ford Hacked

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Members of NullCrew recently breached Ford Motor Company's official Web site.

"According to [the] hacker's statement , they ... discovered an Error Based SQL Injection vulnerability in ... social.ford.com," writes E Hacking News' Sabari Selvan. "By exploiting this vulnerability, they gained accessed to the database."

"As a result of the breach, database and table names, customer usernames -- represented by email addresses -- and encrypted passwords have been leaked," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "In total, 18 credential sets have been published online. Most of the affected individuals appear to be employed at an ad agency called Team Detroit. Judging by the email addresses, the breach seems to be legitimate because the information made available by the hackers doesn’t appear to be published anywhere else online."

"NullCrew has already been around for longer than the famous 50 days of LulzSec, and seem better at covering their tracks than predecessors like LulzSec and UGNazi," Infosecurity reports.