Financial Times Hacked


Members of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) today compromised the Financial Times' tech blog, along with 17 of the newspaper's Twitter accounts.

The statement "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here" was posted on the blog and Twitter feeds, according to the AFP.

Reuters reports that the group also posted the statement, "Do you want to know the reality of the Syrian 'Rebels?'" along with a link to a recently-uploaded YouTube video that appears to show members of the Nusra Front rebels executing blindfolded members of the Syrian army.

On its Web site, the SEA stated, "The British Financial Times website and twitter accounts were hacked after the financing of terrorism in Syria by the British regime."

In a series of tweets, the FT Press Office's Twitter account later stated, "Today various FT Twitter accounts and one FT blog ... were compromised by hackers. We have now secured those accounts and are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

Other recent targets of the Syrian Electronic Army include The Onion, The Guardian, the Associated Press, NPR, the BBC, and Human Rights Watch.