European Cyber Army Hacker Targets Syria

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Hacker Zer0Pwn, a member of the European Cyber Arm (ECA), recently published data allegedly stolen from the Syrian Web sites Job.sy and RealEstate.sy (h/t Cyber War News).

In a Pastebin post entitled "ECA vs. Assad | Part 1," Zer0Pwn published sample data, along with a SendSpace link to the full databases.

The sample data includes full names, user names, encrypted passwords, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

According to Cyber War News, the file on SendSpace includes more than 60,000 full names, user names, phone numbers and home addresses, along with encrypted passwords for Jobs.sy and clear text passwords for RealEstate.sy.

Cyber War News notes that other recent targets of the European Cyber Army have included syrianmonster.com, syria-courts.com, sana.sy, moj.gov.sy, and banquecentrale.gov.sy.