Etsy Announces $50,000 in Grants for Female Hackers

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Online marketplace Etsy recently announced plans to provide 10 female programmers with $5,000 to attend Hacker School at its headquarters in New York this summer.

"The summer batch of Hacker School will be 40 students, and our goal is to have them accept at least 20 women, with Hacker School retaining full control over the admissions process," Marc Hedlund, vice president of engineering at Etsy, wrote in a blog post.

"That’s a big goal, as he notes, and would be 20 times the number of women in the current batch," writes GigaOM's Stacey Higginbotham. "It’s going to require folks spreading the word to female programmers, making sure Hacker School is an environment that doesn’t alienate women (or maybe even welcomes them), and the financial support that Etsy is offering."

"Bringing lady developers into the conversation isn’t just an affirmative action move to get more women involved in tech; it’s an acknowledgement that Etsy is, to a huge extent, a marketplace populated by women, and Etsy wants to give more women 'behind the curtain' access on the tech side, as well," notes VentureBeat's Jolie O'Dell.

"Participants in Hacker School’s three-month, round-table hack sessions are carefully selected," writes Mashable's Joann Pan. "Must-have characteristics include a die-hard love for programming, experience and a great personality."