Duqu Hackers Erased Their Tracks

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According to security researchers, the hackers behind the Duqu malware have wiped all of their command and control servers, giving security experts very little to investigate.

"Kaspersky Labs analysed a number of Duqu command and control servers and discovered that the virus was in operation from as early as November 2009, despite it having only been discovered in October of this year," writes The Inquirer's Dean Wilson.

"The researchers also found that a global cleanup took place earlier this year on 20 October, a day or two after it was revealed to the world that the virus existed," Wilson writes. "All of the command and control servers were wiped clean, right back until the 2009 infection, leaving little trace that anything had ever happened."

Go to "Duqu hackers shut down operation and wiped servers" to read the details.

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