Directors Guild of Canada Hacked

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Cyber War News reports that the Web site for the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) was recently hacked and defaced by members of Obey Security, a.k.a. ObeySec (h/t Softpedia).

The hackers published 2,031 user names, e-mail addresses and clear text passwords on Pastebin, along with 10 admin user names and clear text passwords.

"I can confirm that the DGC Web site was hacked," DGC spokesperson Alex Sosa told the Hollywood Reporter. "We have locked down the site and the security breach has been contained. We are currently doing a security sweep across the DGC offices in all the regions and we are confident that we will be up and accessible via the Web site soon."

Hacker legionnaire claimed responsibility for the breach and told Softpedia that his aim was simply to test the security of the DGC Web site, where he found several security flaws. When he told other members of ObeySec about the vulnerabilities, though, they then defaced the site. In response, legionnaire said, he's "leaving the scene and 'going ghost.'"