CNN Hacked

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Hacker Reckz0r recently claimed to have breached CNN's International Web site, published four fake articles on the site, and leaked nine admin user names and encrypted passwords (h/t Cyber War News).

In a Pastebin post, Reckz0r wrote, "Sup? It's been a long f**kin' time, my friends, Today. I shall show you that silence is golden when you're trying to tap into more systems, and leak more crap. My target was 'CNN'. 'Why?', you must say? because they're a bunch of f**king f**gots trying to spread false news, your 9/11 is our 24/7. I strongly respect the Palestinian brotherhood, and it seems like CNN is on Israel's side. and you do know one thing; 'Whenever you see somebody supporting CNN, pwn him at sight.' Their systems are poorly-misconfigured, just like how NASA's DIRS is full of crap. CNN is no different from them, anyway. nuff' talkin' - Let the good ol' show begin. PUZZLE: I wrote 4 fake articles on edition.cnn.com, if you can guess what articles are those, I shall give you a crown, plus full-backup of CNN<3"

It's not clear where the four fake articles are, if they exist at all. In addition to the admin user names and passwords, Reckz0r posted a list of database tables and other information.