Chinese Students Charged with Hacking to Alter Phys Ed Records


Shanghai Daily reports that two students in the Songjiang District, surnamed Chen and Zhang, are being held by police for allegedly hacking into their college's website and changing hundreds of fellow students' physical education records (h/t Softpedia).

After the two hacked into the school's system to adjust their phys ed scores in 2013, they were paid over 80,000 yuan (almost $13,000) by more than 200 schoolmates who wanted to avoid the school's required morning run.

Each student was charged between 15 yuan and 20 yuan per run.

The breach was discovered in March, after which the school fixed the vulnerability and reported the incident to local police.

These types of incidents are becoming increasingly common -- earlier this month, Jose Bautista, 18, was charged with accessing the computer system at Miami's Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School to change his own and four other students' report cards.