California Man Gets 8 Years for Identity Theft

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Robert Delgado, of Monterey Park, Calif., was recently sentenced to eight years in prison after police found a hard drive in his home containing personal data on more than 300,000 identity theft victims.

"Court documents show Delgado was accused of obtaining credit card numbers, forging credit cards and government-issued ID sporting his (or a co-conspirator's) photograph, and using the identity documents to buy flat screen TVs, power tools, electronics, and jewelry," writes CNET News' Declan McCullagh.

"The maximum penalty for the charge of conspiracy to commit bank fraud (that is, identity theft) was 30 years," McCullagh writes. "In addition to the prison term, Williams was also sentenced to five years of supervised release."

Go to "Identity thief nabbed with over 300,000 victim profiles" to read the details.

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