Brazilian Hackers Offer to Teach Cybercrime Skills

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According to Kaspersky Lab researcher Fabio Assolini, Brazilian hackers have begun offering courses in cybercrime.

"'To help new 'entrepreneurs' or beginners interested in a life of cybercrime, some Brazilian bad guys started to offer paid courses,' he reveals. 'Others went even further, creating a Cybercrime school to sell the necessary skills to anyone who fancies a life of computer crime but lacks the technical know-how,'" writes Help Net Security's Zeljka Zorz.

"A number of different courses are offered, and while some seem like legitimate ones -- how to become a designer, a Web designer, a hacker, a programmer -- others not so much as they offer to teach how to become a 'banker,' a defacer or a spammer," Zorz writes.

Go to "Brazen Brazilian hackers opening cybercrime schools" to read the details.

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