Australian Hacker May See All Charges Dropped


The Newcastle Herald reports that Matthew Flannery, 24, who was arrested last April for defacing the Web site of Australia's Narrabri Shire Council, and was described at the time as a leader of LulzSec, may have all charges against him dropped (h/t

Over the past year, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has sought six adjournments, has downgraded the case from the District Court to the Local Court, and has adjusted the terms of Flannery's bail so he's no longer required to report to the police three times a week.

According to the Herald, claims were made on Twitter sooner after Flannery's arrest last year that the Australian Federal Police had the wrong person, and that someone else had framed Flannery for the attack after Flannery insulted him online.

"Given the guns blazing attitude the police and prosecution had when he was first charged, we're now down to a handful of matters, and the prosecution has decided the appropriate jurisdiction is the local court rather than the district court," Flannery's solicitor Manny Conditsis told the Herald.

"It's a travesty, and it’s taken nearly a year to get to this point," Conditsis added. "We needed time to get our own forensic report but the defense proposes to make an application to the Commonwealth DPP to have the charges withdrawn and dismissed."