Australian Broadcasting Corporation Hacked


Hacker Phr0zenMyst recently breached the Web site of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and leaked the personal data of almost 50,000 users.

"The motive behind the attack appears to be retaliation for providing Dutch MP Geert Wilders with a 20-minute slot on ABC's Lateline," writes ZDNet's Michael Lee. "Wilders is known for his anti-immigration and anti-Islam stance, a view that has prompted Anonymous to begin a campaign against Wilders known as #opWilders."

In a statement accompanying the leak, the hacker wrote, "Australia's ABC subdomain hacked for giving Geert Wilders a platform to voice anti-Islam anti-Muslim hatred. #OpWilders"

"The files contain the personal email addresses, locations and genders of thousands of registered users of ABC websites, including encrypted versions of their login passwords," writes The Daily Telegraph's Petra Starke.

"NSW resident Tim Gresham [said] he was horrified to learn his personal details had been exposed," The Sydney Morning Herald reports. "The details were published along with 49,561 other ABC website users' data, on a website linked to Anonymous. 'This hacker has probably got a lot of information about me, intimate information about me, having an idea of what that website asked me in terms of my relationships and personal life,' Mr Gresham said."