Atlanta Student Suspended for Breach of School Database

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A 19-year-old student at Atlanta's Booker T. Washington High School was recently suspended for seven days for stealing his father's user name and password in order to change 18 fellow students' attendance and course assignment records in exchange for money -- the student's father is a counselor at the school. The students whose records were changed have each been suspended for three days.

"There will also be a tribunal to determine if the student, who pocketed $90 from changing student records, should be expelled," WSB-TV reports.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Fran Jeffries, Atlanta Public School spokesman Keith Bromery says the student was only able to access attendance and course assignment records -- he didn't have access to grades. "A student at the school reported the situation, and all of the altered records were changed back to accurately reflect the affected students' true attendance and course assignments," Bromery said.

"Apparently, the tampering had gone on undetected for several months -- between February and April," writes 11alive.com's Devin Fehely.

"This is the second major high-school hacking scandal in as many weeks; about 50 students at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, Calif., are facing suspension for stealing an administrator's password and clearing students' absences from the school's computer," notes SecurityNewsDaily's Matt Liebowitz.