Arrested CabinCr3w Hacker Posts Statement on Pastebin

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On March 31, hacker Higinio Ochoa (or someone claiming to be him) posted a document on Pastebin describing his recent arrest by FBI agents. "On march 20th 2012 @ 10:30 am around 8 agents from the FBI stormed my apartment and put me under arrest," he wrote.

According to the statement, Ochoa’s interrogation by FBI Agent Scott Jenson focused on a February 2012 attack on the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). "It would seem to me neither the DPS administrator nor the FBI fully understand the ‘complexity’ of SQL injections," Ochoa noted.

CabinCr3w’s attack on the Texas Department of Public Safety was announced on Twitter on February 9, though no sensitive information was released, according to DataBreaches.net.

The Pastebin post also claimed that Ochoa was denied access to his epilepsy medication. “One medication was provided the first day while the second was withheld,” he wrote. “The following day neither were even offered to me.”

“Few details of the case against Ochoa are publicly available,” Threatpost’s Paul Roberts reports. “Court documents indicate he first appeared in federal court for the Southern District of Texas on March 21. He was subsequently released on bail and forbidden to use a computer or smart phone.”