AntiLeaks Hackers Hit RT.com, Bambuser

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Members of AntiLeaks have claimed responsibility for DDoS attacks on Russian news site RT.com and live video streaming service Bambuser.

"The hackers that attacked RT.com put a #FreePussyRiot hashtag in the end of their tweet, expressing their support for the three alleged members of punk band Pussy Riot who are currently on trial in Moscow," RT.com reports. "The DDoS attack disrupted RT’s extensive reporting on the final day of Pussy Riot trial."

"The band members were arrested in March after performing a 'punk prayer' in Moscow's main cathedral, requesting the Virgin Mary save Russia from president Vladimir Putin," writes CNET News' Don Reisinger. "A judge today sentenced all three members to two years in prison for their dissent. The arrest and subsequent sentencing has lit a firestorm across the world over individual rights in Russia."

"Bambuser lets people stream live video from their smartphones to the web," writes ZDNet's David Meyer. "It has become very popular with activists and protestors, from the Occupy movement to Russia and Syria. ... The stream that appears to have solicited the DDoS is that of 'citizen journalist' James Albury, who has stationed himself outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Julian Assange has been inside the embassy since June, and the Ecuadorian government is set to announce its decision regarding his asylum bid later on Thursday."