Anonyomous Hackers Hit Prison Management Company


Protesting the for-profit prison system, members of Anonymous recently defaced the official Web site for leading prison management contractor GEO Group.

"The home page for the Geo Group's Web site was inaccessible [on Friday] after it had had been replaced with an image of imprisoned activist Mumia Abu-Jamal and audio of a song about him, according to news site," writes CNET News' Elinor Mills.

"Hackers operating under the 'AntiSec' banner claimed responsibility and released a statement that alleges that owners of private prisons lobby for expansion of criminal laws, even as they operate at near capacity," Mills writes. "Those claims seem to be corroborated in a recent report from the nonprofit Justice Policy Institute, whose statistics find there are nearly 2.4 million people behind bars in the United States, giving it the highest incarceration rate in the world."

Go to "Hackers target prison system with latest defacement" to read the details.

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