Anonymous Hackers Threaten Security Firm Imperva

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Members of Anonymous have announced plans to target security firm Imperva, Inc., which recently published a report stating that Anonymous is made of up "a small group of skilled hackers" supported by a far larger group of "laypeople" whose skills range from "very low to modest."

"Anonymous has interpreted Imperva’s analysis is damning with faint praise," Infosecurity reports. "And it has taken exception."

"'This is a message to the Imperva security firm,' Anonymous announced last week. 'Although we do not see you as any form of threat we have concluded that your interest and views may become a mild nuisance in the future. Therefore you, yourself, will now become a target. You have angered the hive and the hive has spoken. Now you will feel the full fury of Anonymous... Imperva – expect us,'" the article states.

Go to "Anonymous launches Operation Imperva" to read the details.

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