Anonymous Hackers Target Tunisian Government

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Members of Anonymous have published 2,725 e-mails stolen from Tunisia's ruling Ennahda party, including at least one e-mail from the country's prime minister.

"The email addresses of the president, head of the Constituent Assembly, Ennahdha party officials, and other party leaders were disclosed as well as documents from the electoral campaigns," The Hacker News reports.

"'We have kept a large part of the Tunisian government’s data secret. If the government will not respect human rights and the freedom of expression in Tunisia, we will publish these secrets on the Internet,' a masked individual who claimed to be with the group said in Web video posted on the Facebook page, Anonymous TN," writes Bloomberg's Jihen Laghmari.

"The statement, made in French, referred to an attack by members of the conservative Salafi groups on actors during a protest in which they targeted the national theatre in Tunis, and the government’s lack of a response," writes TheNextWeb's Nancy Messieh. "The statement also mentioned the authorities’ violent dispersion of a protest organized by Tunisia’s Union for Unemployed Graduates."

"The Tunisian emails appear to include months' worth of emails in French and Arabic, including emails about political activity in the country," writes InformationWeek's J. Nicholas Hoover. "Anonymous claimed that the cache also includes bank transaction records and invoices from year's Tunisian election campaign."