Anonymous Hackers Take Down Fascist Web Site

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Members of Anonymous Italy recently took down the official Web site for the Italian fascist group CasaPound (h/t Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs).

In a blog post, the hacker group recalled the 2011 murder of two Senegalese men by CasaPound member Gianluca Casseri, and the 2003 murder of the Italian anti-fascist Davide Cesare, also known as Dax. "Too much blood has flowed to hand fascist," the hackers wrote (by way of Google Translate).

"Under Law 645 of 20 June 1952 art. 4, 'Apology of fascism,' we demand the immediate DISSOLUTION fascist associations, from CasaPound and, therefore, we obscure the site www.casapounditalia.org," the hackers wrote.

The blog post also links to a petition demanding that CasaPound Italy be shut down -- the petition currently has about 4,000 signatures.