Anonymous Hackers Publish pcAnywhere Source Code

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Members of Anonymous have released the source code for Symantec's pcAnywhere product online.

"It's not clear who took the source code for pcAnywhere and other Symantec products in 2006, but it was posted to Pastebin early this morning by the same group whose threat to release the code prompted Symantec to admit the hack in December and put a moratorium on the use of pcAnywhere Jan. 24," writes ITworld's Kevin Fogarty.

"The Lords of Dharmaraja (LoD) are Mumbai-based affiliate of Anonymous, which announced the release on Twitter under the AnonymousIRC and YourAnonNews Anon news channels," Fogarty writes. "The Lords posted only a snippet of the code on Pastebin, but added a link to ThePirateBay, onto which they loaded the whole pcAnywhere source code file as a torrent available to anyone."

Go to "Symantec may have tried to bribe hackers, but definitely betrayed its own customers" to read the details.

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