Anonymous Hackers Publish 4,000 Bank Executives' Personal Data

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As part of Operation Last Resort, the group's response to Aaron Swartz's suicide, Anonymous hackers recently leaked the personal information of more than 4,000 banking executives.

"The file contains public and private phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and password hashes (not plaintext passwords) for a huge list of people, possibly from Federal Reserve computers," writes The Verge's Adi Robertson. "Many of the people listed are presidents or other upper management personnel from small local banks, something that can be confirmed with web searches."

"It’s interesting that the hackers haven’t used Pastebin or other similar websites to publish the data," notes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "Instead, they have hacked the website of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (acjic.alabama.gov) and have posted the information in its 'documents' folder under the name 'oops-we-did-it-again.'"

"In tweets from the @OpLastResort Twitter account on Monday, the group claimed responsibility for the latest leak and suggested that the information had come from an earlier attack on the Federal Reserve," writes The Financial Times' Bede McCarthy. "'We note that the Federal Reserve minidrop earlier was just a counter-distraction . . . We await the DOJ’s statement,' it said, also suggesting there could be more to come and referring to the Monday deadline for Eric Holder, the US attorney-general, to answer questions from a House of Representatives panel on the Swartz prosecution."