Anonymous Hackers Hit TeenProgram.info, RestoringFamily.com

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As part of #OpLiberation, an ongoing effort to expose abuse of children at educational institutions for troubled teenagers, members of Anonymous recently leaked login information from the online institution directories TeenProgram.info and RestoringFamily.com (h/t Cyber War News).

In a dump at NoPaste.me, the hackers published more than 1,400 e-mail addresses and clear text passwords for TeenProgram.info, which appears to be its entire membership list -- the site's home page claims, "TeenProgram.info has 1,435 Active Members and receives hundreds of visitors each day."

In a separate dump at NoPaste.me, the hackers published over 400 e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords for RestoringFamily.com.

Anonymous' Operation Liberation has been ongoing since 2011, with a dedicated Twitter account reaching out to teens at risk and announcing breaches.