Anonymous Hackers Hit South Africa's IOL

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TechCentral's Duncan McLeod reports that South Africa's Independent Newspapers has confirmed that its IOL Web site was taken down on Wednesday by a denial of service attack launched by Anonymous Africa (h/t Softpedia).

Prior to the attack, the hackers tweeted, "Please note everyone. Today #IOL will be attacked for ignoring the genocide against the Ndebele people and for supporting a dictator #Africa"

Soon after the attack was launched, the hackers tweeted, "@iol You are now tango down! for crimes against humanity!" and followed by stating, "@iol your website is tango down for supporting the dictator Mugabe #Zimbabwe #Africa #Anonymous"

In a Facebook post, IOL stated, "Independent Newspapers was this morning attacked by an organisation that claimed they did it because of the media group's support of Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe. The hack led to the company's internet and e-mail systems going down at 11am. According to IOL editor Alastair Otter, the system crashed because of a denial of server (DOS) attack, where the servers were flooded by a huge volume of requests."

"As a news organisation that includes more than a dozen newspapers as well as online properties we publish a range of opinions, including some that may not be popular," IOL editor Alastair Otter said in a statement. "Publishing these does not imply that we agree, or disagree, with those views. We pride ourselves on allowing and publishing a multiplicity of views. It is unfortunate that anyone could use this simple principle of media as an excuse for an attack on us."