Anonymous Hackers Hit Mexico's Ministry of Defense

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Anonymous Mexico recently defaced the Web site for the Mexican Ministry of Defense and claimed to have stolen approximately 60 GB of data, including e-mails and credit card information.

"Anonymous Mexico hacked into the site, posting a manifesto in support of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), the rebel group that has been engaged in armed conflict with the Mexican government over the conditions of crushing poverty in the south of the country. ... Anonymous also released a YouTube video in support of the Zapatistas," Infosecurity reports.

"'Our struggle is for life, and the bad government offers death as a future. Our fight is for respect and for our right to govern and be governed, and the evil government imposes upon the majority the law of the minority. Our struggle is for freedom of thought and action, and the evil government makes prisons and tombs,' the hackers wrote on the defaced page," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs.

"The defense ministry issued a statement saying that its website was 'momentarily out of service' but it did not explain why and did not refer to the hacking claim," AFP reports. "The website was down some two hours after it was hacked. The navy ministry was also temporarily down on Wednesday afternoon and its press office said in a statement that it was hit by 'an attack denominated 'denial of service.'"