Anonymous Hackers Hit IMF, Military Sites

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Members of Anonymous in Romania have defaced Web sites belonging to the International Monetary Fund and Romania's National Association of Retired Military Personnel (ANCMRR).

"The hackers told us that, after they breached the site of ANCMRR, they realized that an official website of Bucharest, Romania's capital city, was hosted on the same server," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "Much to the hackers’ surprise, it seems that the server ran a pirated edition of a Windows operating system, fact which they proved with a screenshot showing a 'Windows Genuine Crack' hosted on one of the hard drive’s partitions."

"The hacktivists identified around 8 gigabytes of information they consider to be 'useful,' planning to publish it all online after they finish copying all of it to their own servers," Kovacs writes.

Go to "International Monetary Fund and Military Site Defaced by Anonymous" to read the details.

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