Anonymous Hackers Hit Chicago Web Sites

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The Web sites for the City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department were taken down yesterday by members of Anonymous.

"Members of AntiS3curityOPS, which claims to be affiliated with Anonymous, posted a video on YouTube taking credit for a hacking that allegedly brought down the [Chicago Police Department] page and accusing Chicago police of brutality during clashes Saturday night with protesters, who were demonstrating against the NATO summit discussing the ongoing war in Afghanistan," writes CNET News' Steven Musil.

"The Chicago Police Department website, cityofchicago.org/police, was down temporarily Sunday, but was functioning again in the afternoon," CBS News reports. "The main portal to cityofchicago.org was not accessible for part of Sunday morning, but appeared to be functioning again by about 12:40 p.m."

"Around the time of the attack, Anonymous tweeted: 'TANGO DOWN – City of Chicago govt AND Police Dept taken offline | http://www.cityofchicago.org/ http://www.chicagopolice.org/ #Anonymous #NoNATO #NATO #OWS,'" RT reports. "Chicago's Office of Emergency Management site, hosted on the city of Chicago site, was also affected in the attack."

"Jeff Cramer, who heads the Chicago office for Kroll Advisory Solutions, said his firm has been for months helping companies around the city secure their computer systems as they braced themselves for a cyber attack in and around the NATO Summit," writes The Chicago Sun-Times' Natasha Korecki. "'What we’re starting to see more of are these cyber attacks because you can do a lot more damage hacking into these companies' systems than you can by throwing a rock through the window,' Cramer said."