Anonymous Hackers: Expect Us in 2013


Anonymous recently published a brief statement suggesting ways for new members to join the movement, including connecting on Twitter and IRC.

"Anonymous also posted a short video bragging of its dealings in 2012, including the temporary shutdown of the U.S. Department of Justice and other sites in protest of the U.S. government targeting MegaUpload," writes Maximum PC's Paul Lilly. "Also in the video are various clippings related to the organization's effort to thwart Westboro Baptist Church members from protesting the funeral of Newtown, Connecticut shooting victim Principal Dawn Hochsprung."

"The video also mentions Anonymous' campaign against Syrian government websites because of that government's alleged shutdown of the internet, along with Anonymous' actions against the Israeli government in protest of government attacks on Gaza," writes TechEye's Nick Farrell.

"The future of Anonymous remains to be seen, however ... in security firm McAfee Labs' 2013 Threat Predictions report, the firm argued that the group's popularity and 'effectiveness' would suffer this year due to its false claims and lack of structure," writes ZDNet's Charlie Osborne. "Instead, it may be the case that high-profile cyberattacks may be conducted by professionals, and we may see a rise in military, political and and 'extreme' online campaigns."