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Anonymous Hackers Claim Breach of Mossad

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As part of #OpIsrael, Members of Anonymous and Sector404 recently claimed to have breached the Web site for Israel's Mossad. The hackers released spreadsheets containing data on more than 30,000 people, including their addresses, phone numbers and other contact information.

"Sector404 initiated a distributed denial of service attack on the Mossad Web site whilst Anonymous hacked the site & leaked sensitive data from the database related to 30,000 Mossad agents," illSecure reports.

Still, Tel Aviv University professor Dr. Tal Pavel told The Times of Israel that the leaked data is unquestionably not a list of Mossad agents. "There is no doubt that they got some identification information about Israelis, but the claims that they hacked the Mossad site and got a list of Mossad agents is most likely psychological warfare, and not a hack into an important database," Pavel said.

Pavel noted that many of the records are repeated as many as five times, and many list such businesses as shoe manufacturers, food companies, auto supply stores, high school, municipalities, synagogues, and even NGOs that work with Palestinians. They list also several home and business addresses in Arab communities in Israel.

"Whatever you want to say about any of the other inconsistencies, it's extremely unlikely that thousands of Israeli Arabs are also Mossad agents," Pavel said.

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