Alleged Celebrity Hacker Pleads Not Guilty

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Chrisopher Chaney has pleaded not guilty to hacking into several celebrities' e-mail accounts.

"He could be imprisoned for up to 121 years if found guilty of the alleged intrusions, which resulted in celebrity nude photos ending up online," writes The Inquirer's Kate O'Flaherty. "The judge turned down prosecutors' requests to remand Chaney into custody, but ordered bail of $110,000 (£68,689) and ordered that Chaney be fitted with an electronic tag."

"More than 50 celebrities claim to be victims, including [Scarlett] Johansson and actress Mila Kunis," O'Flaherty writes. "Chaney has apologised for his actions."

Go to "Us man pleads not guilty to celebrity email hacking" to read the details.

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