Accused Sony Hacker Gets House Arrest

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Todd Miller, 23, who was suspected of involvement in a 2008 cyber attack on Sony's PlayStation Network, has been sentenced to a year of house arrest -- not for the alleged hacking offenses, but for obstructing a federal investigation (h/t The Hacker News).

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Miller destroyed his computers, interfering with an FBI investigation into the cyber attacks.

Had Miller not destroyed the evidence, he could have been sentenced to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. In court, he told the judge that he was "immature and ignorant and caught up with the wrong people at the wrong time," according to the Dispatch.

Miller was also sentenced to three years probation. U.S. District Judge Peter C. Economus told Miller he saw no point in imprisoning him, since he'd found stability and a full-time job in the time since the attack.