Microsoft’s Patch Day Targets Four Vulnerabilities

Microsoft plans to issue four security vulnerabilities on Tuesday, May
13, three critical and one of moderate threat level. This is the first patch since the release of Windows XP Service Pack 3 but there will not be any fixes related to the Service Pack, despite some hiccupsreported by users.

The critical flaws affect Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft
Windows respectively. The most severe and widest impact appears to be in
Windows, specifically, in the Jet 4.0 Database Engine.

The Security Advisory saying that it was “investigating new public
reports of very limited, targeted attacks using a vulnerability in the
Microsoft Jet Database Engine that can be exploited through Microsoft Word.”

A number of applications use the Jet Database Engine, including Microsoft
Access, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Internet Information Services (IIS)
applications. Security firm Lumension is advising making the fix to Jet a priority.

Jet exploit could have widest impact

“The Jet bulletin is the critical patch that will have the widest impact
because it affects Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003,” wrote
Don Leatham, director of solutions and strategy, in a press statement. “When prioritizing this month’s patches, this will probably get the most attention because of the number of organizations running these systems and programs.”

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Andy Patrizio
Andy Patrizio
Andy Patrizio is a freelance journalist based in southern California who has covered the computer industry for 20 years and has built every x86 PC he’s ever owned, laptops not included.

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